A short travel through time

    1968 - The first step towards independence
    Ludwig Schletter senior lays the foundation for a family handicraft business together with his wife Maria. He starts off with a small-series production of windows and façade parts. Soon he realizes the advantages of a material that was relatively unusual at that time - aluminium. Quickly he gains the necessary knowledge about the processing of aluminium.

    1976 - The first location
    The Company named "AluKon" is first located in Riem near Munich. Ludwig Schletter senior and a handful of employees produce all kinds of construction elements, mainly made of aluminium that are mounted predominantly in the city of Munich by his own employees. This is where Ludwig Schletter junior makes his first experiences.

    1983- Newly built production site in Haag in Upper Bavaria
    In Haag the foundations for a modern industrial plant are laid with a spacious production hall and office buildings.

    1983- The "Schletter GmbH" (German abbreviation for „Limited Company") is registered as a craft enterprise

    1984 - The second generation in family business
    Ludwig Schletter junior finishes school for master craftspeople and begins his entrepreneurial activities. Now he is a partner of the Schletter GmbH. From the start the company offers apprenticeship training positions in metal handicraft in Haag.

    1985- The first CNC-controlled milling machine is put into operation
    Sooner than usual in companies of comparable size, Ludwig Schletter jun. begins with the installation of the latest production technologies. This allows him a quick and flexible reaction to the demands of the customers. Even though antiquated according to German standards now, at that time the Deckel FP1 represented a milestone on the way from a small family business to a medium-sized company.

    1988 - The first big order from the railway industry is placed
    With the delivery of components for the reconstruction of railway wagons to the PFA in Weiden, the Schletter GmbH can open up new markets and gradually expands the range of products from the focal point aluminium towards general metal processing.

    1990-The first welding robot is implemented
    With this investment Ludwig Schletter again proves his innovation spirit. The welding robot allows the transition of certain products to real serial production.

    1991- Expansion of the location in Haag with a new production hall
    The new hall with a square footage of 2000 square meters offers enough space for the required expansion of the machinery. In the spacious basement of the new building a high rack warehouse is created as well a complete powder coating plant. From now on, an integrated combined heat and power unit provides the main electricity supply for the whole factory during the main production hours. By using the waste heat as heating energy for the production hall and also as process heat for the powder coating plant, rational use of energy and saving of resources in the interest of the environment are handled with priority.

    1998- Generational change
    Ludwig Schletter junior takes over the operational management. Ludwig Schletter senior (founder of the enterprise in the year 1968) remains being an associate and also keeps providing support and advice from his wide experience and know-how.

    1998- Equipment of the plenary hall of the German Reichstag
    The new German Reichstag in Berlin is equipped with special constructions for the plenary hall and a specially constructed lectern by Schletter GmbH. The participation in the new construction of the German Reichstag after the German Reunification surely marks an exemplary milestone in the list of references for customized development, construction, and production.

    2000- Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
    Laser processing as technology of the future. The installation of a high-value laser processing center marks another important innovation step. This consistent innovation is a precondition for the securing of our high production standards for the quick and flexible fulfillment of our customers´ wishes and thereby also for the securing of local jobs.

    2001- Distribution of fastening systems under the brand name „Schletter Solar Mounting Systems"
    At the end of the year 2002 the Schletter GmbH takes over a nearby office building which also includes a hall. From now on, this place serves as Schletter´s second location for Schletter Solar Mounting Systems.

    2003- Another expansion of our premises
    In October 2003 Schletter GmbH takes over the premises of a nearby supermarket. A new production center with a modern punching / nibbling machine and a fully automatic bending center is installed there.

    2004- Further turnover increase
    In our sector of Solar Mounting Systems we could achieve a turnover increase of 300 percent compared to the year before. In comparison, the solar technology market as a whole only grew by 150 percent. The growing market penetration already becomes evident here.

    2005- Distribution in Italy
    With its sales agent in Italy, Schletter establishes the first foreign branch office and thereby offers customer service and consultation on the site.

    2005- Outsourcing of the logistics for Solar Mounting Systems

    2006- New production site in Hohenlinden
    Production of system components for open area plants and components for flat roof elevations on an area of about 1,500 square meters.

    2006- Complete plannings of a new production site in the industrial area of Haag, real estate negotiations. Search for alternative locations due to big problems in the course of the real estate negotiations despite big efforts for areas to swap, and so on. After numerous attempts the plannings have to be given up.

    2007- Renewal of the plannings for the production site in the industrial area of Mühldorf. Production and storage of system components for open area plants and components for industrial foil roofs on an area of about 3,000 square meters.

    2007- Distribution in Spain
    Own distribution agents in Madrid for the North of Spain incl. Portugal and in Alicante for the South of Spain.

    2007- The decision for a new location was taken. After extensive plannings, the Schletter GmbH finally settles downn in Kirchdorf near Haag i. OB. Ground-breaking ceremony for the new production location in autumn 2007.

    2008- The step across the "Big Pond"
    The company Schletter Inc. was established in Tucson (Arizona) by Schletter employees from Germany

    2008- Move to the new production site in Kirchdorf near Haag i. OB (Upper Bavaria)

    2009- The Schletter GmbH further expands.
    The subsidiaries Schletter Italia S.r.l and Schletter Hellas Ε.Π.Ε. are founded in Italy and Greece.

    2009- Further expansion of the company building: construction of another production hall and office building. The Schletter headquarters in Kirchdorf / Haag i. OB now has the size of 32,000 m².

    2009- Construction of the first  P-Charge pillar-shaped charging stations from the new branch of business "electric mobility".

    2010- Inauguration party and putting into operation of our in-house extrusion plant.

    2010- The Schletter Inc. (USA)moves into a new and bigger company building (6500 m²).

    2010- Foundation of new subsidiaries in Canada (Schletter Canada Inc.), China (Schletter (Shanghai) Solar Technology Co., Ltd) and South-Korea (Schletter Korea Ltd.)

    2010- Expansion of the Schletter PV-plant by the installation of our new Solar-Carport with a total power of 2.5 MW.

    2010- Start of construction of our new logistics center in Kirchdorf ( ca. 20,000 m²)

    2011- International expansion
    Opening of our subsidiary in Great Britain as a further European location for business. A first subsidiary is being set up in Australia to access new markets.

    2011- Inauguration of our new logistics center
    State-of-the-art logistics center with a quintupled storage capacity and an automated paperless order picking. Schletter PV-Plant expansion: By integrating the roof area of the Logistics Center into the plant, we can now achieve a total of 4MW.

    2012 – New head office and production location in the US.
    The US subsidiary to the German company Schletter GmbH is to move their head-office to Shelby, North Carolina where they have procured premises of 9000 m² in nearby County Cleveland. An additional production facility will also be built at this location.